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At Paradox, we are committed to understanding the unique needs of each Indigenous community we work with and since our company has Indigenous ownership, we’ve made it our priority to understand protocols and learn about traditional cultures, wildlife, and the land.

We work with Indigenous leaders and community members to create long-lasting relationships of mutual respect, trust, and benefit. Our corporate culture fosters positive relations with Indigenous communities through respect for the culture and traditional values, understanding Treaty rights, promoting economic prosperity, and building and nurturing relationships.

We strive to achieve excellence in Canada’s Indigenous business communities. We always endeavor to be the employer of choice and collaborative construction provider on any given project.


Recognition of rights, respect, co-operations and partnership.

Paradox Access Solutions is committed to establishing and maintaining authentic, mutually respectful, and meaningful relationships with Indigenous Nations in the areas in which we operate. We support direct employment, contracting, business, and training opportunities for Indigenous Nations. Guided by the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action – Call to Action 92 in particular – Paradox acknowledges the history and diversity of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada and recognizes their distinct rights and culture.

Equality & Growth

All applications are assessed on personal merit and we hire people with the necessary skills to meet the requirements of the position. Performance expectations are consistent throughout our organization, giving employees accountability and pride in their chosen careers.

We proactively seek ways to further the employment opportunities of local and Indigenous people. Paradox ensures that all workers are properly trained and qualified to do the tasks they will be required to perform.


As part of our new hire program, all of our Indigenous employees receive training—from safety training and competency checks to education on environmental, quality, and construction aspects of the job. Workers are then placed with a mentor in a buddy system until they have enough experience to work on their own.

Community Engagement & Participation Plan

Giving back to our communities and supporting Indigenous initiatives

We take pride in our local involvement and are focused on giving back to the communities that we work in. We meet with councils, economic development officers, and locals to plan how we can support their community initiatives.
Paradox employees are a diverse group of people committed to making their community a better place to live and work. We encourage all employees to be good corporate citizens and to become an integral part of their local communities.
At the organizational level, we work with local communities to outline project opportunities as they relate to local Indigenous strategies and to acquire information that will help us engage meaningfully with Indigenous businesses. We’re eager to continue to expand our network of Indigenous partnerships, and we encourage Indigenous companies and communities to participate in our procurement strategy and related contracts for supplying goods and services.
Preference is given to local and Indigenous-supplied materials, consumables, and provision of equipment and services if the quality, price, and time of delivery are comparable to that of other resources.