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Paradox Access Solutions Inc. is committed to implementing a clean, safe, and healthy environment in all aspects of our business. We believe that caring for the environment is a key aspect of our business and we strive for continuous improvement in our environmental performance throughout our operations.

Our foundation at Paradox is to reduce our environmental footprint by providing key solutions to help sustain this principle. Our environmental program addresses how we will manage land, water, and air resources to ensure we conduct our business in an environmentally sensitive manner.

Paradox and Stratum’s environmental mission is to align our people and our passion with our customers to ensure we deliver solutions needed for developing and sustaining environmentally conscious and considerate organizations.


In keeping with our values for respect, and for the future, we have ensured accountability for all environment and sustainability measures starting at the highest level of leadership in the organization.

We commit to complying with all environmental laws and regulations and ensure we are re-evaluating systems and processes throughout business implementation and changes. With employee engagement supporting our commitments, we are able to foster a culture of continuous improvement where these actions will benefit our customers, contractors, visitors, employees, and the communities we serve and live by protecting and improving the quality of the environment that surrounds us.


Wetland Centre at Evergreen Park

Canada’s first outdoor hands-on site for boreal wetlands training, research, and demonstrations

Boreal Wetland Centre at Evergreen Park - safety vests
Wetland Centre sign Boreal Wetland Centre at Evergreen Park

The Wetland Centre at Evergreen Park in Treaty 8 territory (the County of Grande Prairie, Alberta) is a “Centre for Resource Excellence and Innovation” providing a unique opportunity for multiple user groups to engage with boreal forest and weland science projects. Managed by Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC).

Previously known as the Evergreen Learning & Innovation Centre established in 2009 situated on 22 forested/wetland acres within Evergreen Park. Inspiring a culture of responsible resource development through learning and innovation by providing trustworthy environment for resource partners to exchange new ideas, communicate expectations, learn from others, and inspire innovative resource solutions.

We’re proud to be affiliated with the Wetland Centre and to take part in the inclusive learning experience the Centre provides in demonstrating care for the environment. In keeping with the Centre’s mission of exchanging new ideas and inspiring innovative solutions, we share and demonstrates our technologies and expertise in the construction of cost-effective, low-impact, reclaimable access roads that pass through wetland environments.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

The notions of “eco-friendly” and “roadbuilding” can coexist


Roads are an indispensable part of modern infrastructure. They enable the transport of people and goods around the world and have been around for thousands of years. But rarely has it ever been conceived that roads could have a positive environmental angle, so it’s not surprising that the term “environmental road-builder” may seem paradoxical.

While it’s true that the construction industry has historically been challenged to work in harmony with our natural environments—facing challenges such as such as excessive use and hauling of aggregates which contributes the growing carbon footprint of construction projects—recent advances in engineering and road construction technologies are tackling prominent environmental concerns in the industry head-on.

Environmental sustainability plays an important role in our project design and execution. From the very beginning, we’ve made it our mission to offer access solutions that preserve the environments we operate in—even if doing so requires inventing brand-new solutions.Our planet is worth it.

Our communities are worth it. Our futures are worth it. That’s why we embrace new technologies to deliver an alternative, sustainable road-building solutions that use fewer resources and have a smaller carbon footprint than conventional methods.

All that, plus the ability to use locally available materials (inferior materials like sand, recycled asphalt, and recycled concrete) to save time and costs on trucking infill across excessive distances means reduced carbon emissions thanks to shorter traffic disruptions, lower overhead, and less time on-site in general.

NPA geocells are an advanced type of geosynthetic technology that enables companies to realize 25% to 50% savings on aggregate infill volume. Such advancements in geosynthetic technologies also make it possible to reduce pavement thickness by up to 50% compared to conventional roadbuilding methods. Furthermore, with NPA geocells, full-depth subgrade preparation usually isn’t necessary and soil replacement is minimized or eliminated.