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Case Studies

Completed 50th Street with pavement over our Tough Cell® technology

Village of Ryley

Application: Paved Road Subbase and base rehabilitation

Strike Group Otter Lake

Application: Ground Reinforcement, Support Pad

MD of Opportunity

Application: Unpaved municipal street rehabiliation

Grierson Hill LRT Slope

Application: Tough Cell® Slope Stabilization

Earthworks image.

Lease Build

Application: Earthworks, matting and reclamation

MD of Greenview

Buffalo Creek

Application:  Access Road built over dense muskeg

Camdon Properties

Traction Control Mats

Application: Steep and unsafe access road

Camdon Properties

Parking Lot Pad

Application: Tough Cell® Pad Construction

MEG Energy Christina Lake

Application: Unpaved access road

MD of Greenview

MD of Greenview

Application: Unpaved heavy haul road rehabiliation

Camdon Properties

Camdon Properties

Application: Laydown/ Industrial yards and parking lot

Camdon Properties

Blainville: Compressor Station Road

Application: Unpaved access road

Canfor Log Yard

Canfor Log Yard

Application: Log storage and handling yard

7th Street Nisku

7th Street Nisku

Application: County road rehabiliation evaluation site

Town of Onoway

Town of Onoway

Application: Paved industrial road rehabiliation

Camdon Properties

Blainville: Compressor Station Pad

Application: Pad construction with geocells

County of Leduc

County of Leduc

Application: Paved road frost-boil rehabiliation with chipseal overlay

MD of Smoky River No.130 & Long Run Exploration

Application: Shared-use unpaved road

city of calgary slope

City of Calgary Cliff St. & 23rd Ave

Application: Steep slope, municipal infrastructure 

Mammoet Crane Pad Egremont, AB

Application: Pad for gantry crane support

MD of Provost Township Roads 364 & 384

Application: Secondary road reconstruction

Corpex Construction Ford Dealership BuildingPeace River, AB

Application: Rigid pavement foundation

MD of Pincher Creek

Applcation: Secondary road frost-boil rehabiliation

RM of Britannia 502 Lloydminster, SK

Application: Unpaved road rehabiliation

Crescent Point Energy

Application: Unpaved access road