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As a leading provider of access solutions, Paradox offers a range of products and services that can help governments improve their infrastructure and support the needs of their communities. For example, we offer earthworks solutions that can help with grading, excavation, and other earthworks tasks involved in building roads and other infrastructure. We also offer geosynthetics solutions, including Tough Cell® — a high performance geocell made of a proprietary Neoloy® material which can be used to reinforce soil, protect against erosion, and guard against degradation of the subgrade.

In addition to offering earthworks solutions and geosynthetics, such as Tough Cell®, we also provide engineering services through our partners at Stratum Logics that can help governments design and implement custom solutions for their specific needs. Our team of experienced engineers has the expertise and knowledge to develop solutions that meet the unique requirements of each project. Whether you need help with design, planning, or implementation, we can provide the support and guidance you need to succeed.


  • EARTHWORKS – grading, excavation, and other processes for roadway construction
  • ACCESS ROADS – Using Tough Cell® we can build roads in even the most challenging environments
  • STRATUM LOGICS – engineering partner focused on creating custom solutions



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Project Profile

Municipal Road Repair

The Village of Ryley in Beaver County, Alberta, faced a problem many rural communities in Canada face: road degradation. The main street of the Village of Ryley, 50th Avenue, needed more than repairs: it needed to be replaced entirely.

Luckily, our team at Paradox was ready for the challenge. We began construction on the 1.8km stretch of road utilizing Tough Cell® NPA Geocell reinforcement. The project was completed ahead of schedule in less than the projected budget and in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

Paving the road 50th Ave
Tough Cell® being installed on 50th Street

The Challenge:

50th Avenue was the Village of Ryley’s main access point to Highway 14 and as a result, the road was damaged due to years of heavy traffic loads and lack of maintenance. As the main access point, it was of utmost importance the road be durable and safe.

The major roadblock to road reconstruction in the Village of Ryley was the budget limitations. They also wanted to reduce the future need for maintenance. Overall, the Village of Ryley was looking for a sustainable access road, and Paradox was the right team for the job.

As the main road, 50th Avenue also needed to be reconstructed in as little time as possible to minimize interruptions in the day-to-day lives of Ryley’s citizens. We knew it would be tough, but Paradox has never backed down from a challenge. 

The Solution:

The conventional solution would have been to construct 100mm Asphalt Concrete pavement over 300mm Granular Base Course.

But Paradox doesn’t do things conventionally – by utilizing Tough Cell® Technology, not only was the thickness reduced by 25%, but the design guards against degradation as well – minimizing the detrimental effects on the already unstable terrain.

The honey-comb design of Tough Cell® Technology allows for even weight distribution over a wider area, allowing for heavy-load transportation and improved durability. The sections of the honeycomb design can be filled in with locally available materials. Transportation costs as well as CO2 emissions were reduced because a large quantity of the construction materials could be locally sourced.

The high-strength of novel-polymeric alloy geocell reinforcement that makes up the Tough Cell® Technology provides increased bearing capacity and longevity for roads with heavy traffic. By utilizing Tough Cell® Technology, the Village of Riley reduced the maintenance cycle of the road with a 75-year guarantee.

Completed 50th Street with pavement over our Tough Cell® technology

Paradox Difference

Paradox Access Solutions saved the Village of Ryley 25% in excavation costs. A section of the curb and gutter structure was replaced and the corresponding ditches were reshaped to redirect drainage and guard against future degradation. The overall cost of the project was also reduced because Paradox made use of local aggregate materials, which has a secondary effect of reducing CO2 emissions by 20%.

The foldable structure of Tough Cell® Technologies allowed for speedy installation by the experienced Paradox crew. Our innovative construction method brought safety and durability to the Village of Ryley’s main access point with fast implementation and low costs in an environmentally responsible manner.

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