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Land Development

At Paradox, we offer a full range of earthworks capabilities to support land development projects. From site preparation and grading to excavation and compaction, our experienced team can handle all aspects of the land development process. We use advanced equipment and techniques to ensure efficient and effective work, helping to minimize disruptions and maximize project success.

In addition, our Tough Cell® Neoloy® based geocells provide a uniquely robust and cost effective solution for applications that need to withstand heavy loads and large machinery on a regular basis. The strength and flexibility of the Neoloy material allows the geocells to maintain their shape and performance even under extreme conditions, providing a stable foundation for the ground and protecting against erosion and settlement. This makes Tough Cell® an ideal solution for land development projects that need to withstand heavy loads and abuse from machinery.


  • EARTHWORKS – services include excavation, grading, aggregate hauling, and more
  • TOUGH CELL® – cellular confinement system or geocell for soil stabilization and reinforcement
  • STRATUM LOGICS – engineering partner focused on creating custom solutions



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Project Profile

Yard Repair

In June 2021, we were contacted directly by the client with initial concerns of major rutting issues up to 24 inches in depth due to grading. This caused water to pool forming soft spots in their year. These issues would create safety hazards, impair accessibility and usability of their yard. As well, leading to increased maintenance costs.

After consultation with our engineering partner, Stratum Logics, it was decided that fixing localized spots would not solve their problems. Our goal is always to deliver the best solution to our customers and have the job completed right the first time. Our client recognized the significant value in addressing the root of the problem with an engineered design utilizing Tough Cell®.


Crew stapling Tough Cell® together
Tough Cell® geocells laid over geosynthetic material

The Challenge

Our client had a considerable rutting problem.

They were having issues with the safety and usability of their yard, causing them to spend a lot on maintenance.

Two major challenges were identified in the initial evaluation of this project. The first obstacle was increased subgrade preparation which was deemed necessary as a result of the single-layer Tough Cell® design. The second obstacle taken into consideration was completing the yard with proper grading allowing water to flow down to a holding pond negating the issue of pooling. 


The Solution

Our clients trust Paradox to come up with the best solution and fix it right the first time.

A topographic survey revealed that the client’s yard required land grading to achieve the proper drainage allowing water to flow properly to a holding pond present on the property. Simply addressing isolated areas (soft spots) wouldn’t be addressing the greater drainage issue, leading to future problems.

It was determined that we would provide the client with an engineer designed yard covering over 31,000 meters squared utilizing Tough Cell® and the existing gravel in their yard. By doing so proved major savings in comparison to a conventional design. The single-layer blueprint using Tough Cell® has the capacity to handle loads between 85,000 to 120,000 pounds. 

Crews stretching Tough Cell®

The Paradox Difference

Working together with our engineering partners, Stratum Logics, we were able to meet our clients specific needs by executing a design that would not only provide the solution to their rutting issue but would provide the safety, accessibility, and usability they need.

With the efficiency of the engineers at Stratum and the hard work of the operations team at Paradox, we were able to complete the project on time and on budget!


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