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A revolutionary passive draining solution
— now in Canada

We are pleased to announce the launch of MEGA-Drain® by Paradox. As MEGA-Drain Corporation’s exclusive Canadian partner, Paradox is bringing this revolutionary drainage system to the Canadian market.

MEGA-Drain® is a press-free dry-stack tailings and water management system that significantly reduces the footprint, complexity, and operating costs of dry-stacking. This approach reduces total water demand in a project by using gravity-driven, passive technology that eliminates more moisture than filter-press-based alternatives.

We predict that this integrated materials drying and water management system will become “best practice” throughout the mining industry, displacing much more complex, less effective, and more expensive dry-stacking systems based on filter presses.


  • MEGA-Drain® Overview PDF

What Is MEGA-Drain®?

MEGA-Drain® is a ground-installed system of blocks that produces a void space. After it has been installed, a large mound of gravel, damp sand, or other materials will be placed. Because of the void beneath the pile of aggregates, the weight of the stack will force water into the gap, where it will finally drain away.

MEGA-Drain® System is a work-in-place floor and water storage vault that is used to swiftly dry and decant materials while also recovering and storing processed water. It is appropriate for usage in aggregates, sands, ores, coal, salt, and potash mining and processing, as well as agricultural, pulpwood processing, and transload storage facilities. This multi-layered system employs gravity to maintain a passive drainage system that keeps the water asset in a non-reactive underground storage vault. It eliminates the requirement for off-site water discharge and protects groundwater. Heavy machinery can travel, move, and load materials on top of the system.

Most businesses typically allow their goods to build up and wait for things to dry naturally, or they may utilize a massive gas-powered machine. Because the water has nowhere to go, both processes are incredibly sluggish. MEGA-Drain® quickly accelerates the procedure.

Benefits of MEGA-Drain®

MEGA-Drain® has developed a dry-stack tailings management solution that significantly reduces the capital cost of dry stacking and water requirements while eliminating the need for filter presses and the facilities that house them. The MEGA-Drain® method is passive and gravity-driven to minimize the moisture that gets destroyed by filter presses. It employs a scalable, modular, and quickly deployed water vault collecting and management system.

Due to the lightweight nature of MEGA-Drain® products, you will save significantly on shipping and material drying expenses. You may be confident that you’ve made an environmentally beneficial purchase by choosing MEGA-Drain®. While there are many great reasons to use MEGA-Drain®, the positive influence on the environment is a significant benefit that should be considered.

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