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Mission Possible: Paradox Restores Churchill Rail Line in Under 60 Days

Paradox Access Solutions is proud to have worked with Arctic Gateway Group to restore the town of Churchill’s access to essential commodities after a flood washed out approximately 30 sections of the railway, over a distance of nearly two kilometers in early 2017. Located in the far north of the province of Manitoba, the town of Churchill – as well as more than 40 First Nations communities in the town’s vicinity – rely on the Hudson Bay Rail Line for access to necessities, that those of us living in less remote areas often take for granted. How did we accomplish this rail line repair, and in such a short timeframe? By using our patented Tough Cell® technology. “This is state-of-the-art technology that really has never been tried before in Canada. It’s been utilized in the world, but not in Canada,” said Marc Breault, President at Paradox Access Solutions, in an interview with CBC News. Tough Cell® is a cellular confinement system (aka “geocell”) with a honeycomb structure that provides lateral restraint of ballast – that is, the rocks and gravel that make up the bed of a railroad track. Compared to conventional ground stabilization methods, Tough Cell® requires less construction time, is more cost-effective, and has a significantly smaller carbon footprint.

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