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Build safe, stable railways in the most challenging of conditions

A typical railway must withstand the most challenging demands – weather combined with the weight, speed and frequency of loads travelling its rails. Add in a curveball like permafrost or muskeg and you could have a nightmare on your hands. That’s where Tough Cell can make the difference between striking out and hitting a home run.

Paradox’s Tough Cell, a cellular confinement and soil stabilization product made of a Novel Polymeric Alloy Geocell, is uniquely suited to constructing railway in permafrost and muskeg areas, where an unstable substrate can lead to lateral spreading of ballast and differential settlement of the rail bed. Tough Cell’s honeycomb structure provides lateral restraint of ballast – and leads to the entire track settling together. That extends the life of the railbed and lowers cost of maintenance.

Proper application of Tough Cell in permafrost conditions can also prevent melting, which further preserves rail bed integrity.


  • Reinforces track substructure, and stabilizes ballast layers
  • Provides lateral restraint (versus the lateral spread of traditional rail bed construction)
  • Reduced settlement of ballast materials and fouling by sub grade attrition


  • Increased strength and resilience
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Lower total cost of ownership

Combining the expertise of world-class geotechnical engineering with Tough Cell’s proven track record of success in railways under all conditions – including permafrost – Paradox builds safe, stable railways that lower your costs.

Churchill Rail Line

    Paradox Access Solutions is proud to have worked on the Hudson Bay Rail Line to Churchill in northern Manitoba. The project owned by Arctic Gateway Group began September 4, 2018 and immediate remediation on approximately 30 washed-out sections that totalled just under two KMs, was completed in November 2018.

    The rail line is the only land access to Churchill and this project has impacted the citizens of Churchill, who depend on the line for the delivery of necessities to the community, as well as the more than 40 First Nations communities in the area. Paradox is proud that these necessities are now being delivered to the citizens of the impacted communities.

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