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Around the world, people are pushing the bounds of modern infrastructure by exploring farther and building taller than ever before. Throughout the process, we’re also using more finite resources, and we’re challenging Earth’s natural features along the way.

At Paradox, we help overcome these challenges by designing and building engineered solutions that address the increasing need and demand for sustainable infrastructure. We accomplish this in one of two ways: by working with our trusted engineering partners to design new solutions tailored to your project’s needs, or by integrating seamlessly with your existing in- house or contracted engineering team to support their directives.

Fueled by innovation, we design strong foundations on which your projects can succeed, now and in the future. We do this by sourcing the world’s leading technologies and experts to design roads, slopes, tunnels, pads, retaining walls, and other systems supported by rock and soil that were previously considered cost-prohibitive or otherwise impossible.

Along the way, we aspire to design solutions that champion environmental sustainability while empowering clients and communities to push the bounds of what’s possible.

Engineering Services

Designing with the future in mind

Geotechnical Engineering

We work with geotechnical engineers to investigate ground and soil conditions and design suitable solutions that fortify unstable terrain so that roads, pads, slopes, bridges, tunnels, and other structures can exist in even the most challenging environments. From urban locations to remote areas covered in

Water Resources Engineering

We ensure measures are in place to address hydraulic concerns with custom designs for flood water management, flood mitigation, catchment design, watershed management, and storm water management.

Pavement Design

Leverage our cutting-edge geosynthetics solutions for flexible and rigid pavement designs that maximize structural integrity and longevity while minimizing construction and operating costs. We partner with clients from both private and public sectors to design paved and unpaved municipal and..

Quality Assurance & Quality Control (QA/QC)

Quality assurance (QA) starts the moment the engineers begin designing your solution. They ensure each design strictly adheres to all regulatory requirements and industry standards, with specifications for maximum safety and success during project implementation. We also offer on-site quality control (QC)..


Getting your hands on the right goods and services for a project is a time-consuming task that requires a wealth of technical and industry knowledge. Our team of experts is here to help you secure the necessary equipment, materials, supplies, and services for your project to comply with the technical…

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Designing solutions that will serve people, companies, and our economy both today and tomorrow is an ambitious challenge that we’re proud to take on.
Our multi-disciplinary approach to overcoming structural challenges allows us to deliver the most suitable solution for each client and each project.



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