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No one should be left without access. That’s why we source the world’s leading geosynthetic products—so that we can deliver unparalleled access solutions customized for every client’s budget, timeframe, design requirements, and environmental concerns.

Geosynthetics act as quality-controlled alternatives to traditional geotechnical and civil engineering materials, such as concrete, rocks, and clay. Around the world, geosynthetics are an important part of geotechnical and civil infrastructure projects that demand improved ground conditions, including soil reinforcement, separation, filtration, drainage, and stabilization.

While we offer a variety of woven and non-woven geosynthetics to ensure we’re delivering an optimized solution for each project we take on, we’re especially proud to be revolutionizing the roadbuilding industry as Canada’s exclusive distributor of, and experts on, Tough Cell® technology. From access roads to residential streets, site preparation to slope stabilization, load distribution to rail repair, and everything in between—Tough Cell is a cost-effective, solid ground solution for projects large and small.

Of course, at the end of the day, matching the right material to a specific application is paramount for the success of any project. Whether you’re looking for a simple product order, help choosing the right product for your project, or a complete cradle-to-grave access solution, we’re here to help you get your project on solid ground.




You’re good on the ground. We embrace cutting-edge geosynthetic technologies to deliver sustainable reinforcement solutions that use fewer resources, demand less maintenance, and have a smaller carbon footprint than conventional alternatives.


We leverage advancements in geosynthetics and engineering to enable our clients to access and operate in remote areas in better harmony with the natural environment. All of our geosynthetics solutions are designed to enhance time efficiency when executing the design and construction phases, maximize your project’s return on investment, minimize your project’s environmental impact, and reduce the frequency of required maintenance and repairs. Pair our geosynthetics offerings with our engineering, earthworks, and matting services for a comprehensive access solution that will give you the freedom to focus on the bigger picture—maintaining smooth operations to maximize your project’s success

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It’s time to start building better roads—roads that last longer, require minimal resources to build, and demand less money to construct and maintain. We partner with clients to deliver

Slope Stabilization

Slippery slopes are no joke: The impact of a slope failure can range from costly inconveniences—such as major road blockages—to severe safety hazards and disastrous impacts on surrounding

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Railway Foundations

At Paradox, we’re proud to support the rail transport industry by providing solutions that reduce a rail project’s total cost of ownership, construction time, required maintenance, and

Load Support

We partner with companies and communities to deliver geosynthetics solutions optimized for both static and live load support across typical and challenging ground conditions. And for

Reservoirs & Landfills (Channels)

Reservoirs and landfills demand special attention to the separation, filtration, drainage, and protection of soils and water systems from waste and other pollutants to protect the

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Gravity Wall

Earth retention walls constructed from Tough Cell are strong, long-lasting, easily installed. These green solutions are utilized for steep slopes (up to 81⁰) with complex topography, for both stepped or vertical designs. The use of

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